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Med Times Medical Newspaper Constitution, Med Times Copyright, All Rights Reserved, 2004-2005
Amended by-Laws 1999-2000

This article shall define the offices constituting the Coordinators/Executive Board ant outline their responsibilities.

The Coordinators/Executive Board shall be composed of the offices:
Editor-in-Chief, Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Financial Coordinator, Public Relations Coordinator, Layout and Design Coordinator, Editing Coordinator, Writing Coordinator, Activities Coordinator, Artistic Coordinator, Webmaster, and Photography Coordinator.  Eligibility is restricted to all students of the University of California, Irvine.  A student may only hold one office at a time.  These individuals shall be required to meet on a weekly basis to formulate agendas for the upcoming meetings, as well as attend all training retreats.

Section 1: Editor-in-Chief
a.  presides over all Med Times Medical Newspaper Coordinators/Executive Board, members, interns, and executive meetings.
b.  collects verbal updates from executive members weekly.
c.  Appoints new offices and committees as needed and fills vacancies in the executive body with majority vote of approval.
d.  Ensures that communication between members/interns and the Coordinators/Executive Board is maintained at all times.
e.  Using input from members, the Editor-in-Chief working with the Med Times advisor will plan sessions for retreats and officer workshops.

f.  Working with the advisor and Executive Board, will plan and execute day long executive board training of new cabinet members following elections.
g.  Be well versed on the statutes of the Med Times Medical Newspaper by-Laws, and history; acts as a resource for the organization and collect information for the organization.
h.  Is responsible for arranging speakers to attend general meetings and/or
executive meetings to provide pertinent information for the organization.
i.  Works with advisor in planning and implementing regularly scheduled
activities geared toward the leadership development of the group.
j.  Edits the final copy of the newspaper issue before submitting to advisor
for final review before printing.
k.  Works hand in hand with Financial Coordinator and ASUCI Accounts Manager.

Section 2:    Assistant Editor-in-Chief

a.  Assumes duties of the Editor-in-Chief in his/her absence.
b.  Assume office of the Editor-in-Chief and complete term in the event the
office is vacated.
c.  Aids the Editor-in-Chief in ensuring that the Med Times Medical Newspaper
is serving its purpose of developing student leadership and representing the
concerns of the organization.
d.  Serves as the parliamentarian to maintain order at meetings and ensure
proper procedure.
e.  Is responsible for supervising projects of all committees and offices and
ensuring successful outcome on time and on budget.
f.  Prepares cluster and member attendance sheets, and take attendance at all
g.  Solicits agenda items at executive board meetings and work in conjunction
with the Editor-in-Chief to produce typed copies for all  general meetings.
h.  Maintains a binder of agenda remarks for all meetings
i.  Presides over interns of advertising and respon